Galerija Fotografija, 4.7.2017, at 8pm Liubljana

Exhibition will run until 19.8.2017

On Tuesday, 4 July 2017 , we proudly announce the opening of the third exhibition of Euro Rotelli's works in our gallery. In 2008 we already exhibited his work from the series Amour et Psych and in 2011 works from the series The Body The Soul. The both exhibitions were very well accepted among the professionals and visitors.

The Italian artist, represented by Galerija Fotografija already for 10 years, was born in Tuscany in 1955. His family moved to Friuli when he was still a child. He has always felt a strong inner desire to communicate his feelings, and after first experimenting with painting, he later discovered photography. This produced the birth and development of a passion which brought him to the point of not only making photography his daily work, but also of

expressing himself artistically through the medium. He began to dedicate himself to the research of new techniques and approaches. He is enthralled by both landscapes and the people he portrays in black and white, while carrying out his own personal experiments in the darkroom. His discovery of Polaroid enabled him to achieve the means to fully express his way of `feeling´ and `interpreting´ reality as he sees it. This procedure, in fact, allows him

to intervene and work upon the picture’s surface manually, with results that are always different and original. His research brings him to the use of different films and materials, to experimentation with techniques such as Transfer, Emulsion Lift, Manipulations, Painting and Collage, and inventing and perfecting personal proceedings that enable him to transform the objective reality into an intimate personal language. He delves into and immortalizes cities and the countryside, both for private commissions and for personal

experimentation. Sensitive to human form and its expression, he portrays personalities and artists. The series Silentium is made in this same manner.

“Creatures of the sea, free to swim among seaweeds and corals, in quick and synchronized choreographies or to slothfully move between the seabed sand in a lonely exploration.

These images catch our attention and attract us to explore the abysses accompanied by their inhabitants or simply arouse our curiosity in following their movements at water level or on the sand. Then, in front of the fishmonger’s market-stalls, we forget about the floating

octopus and the flash of a shoal of sardines or the slow moving forward of a crab. The environment has changed wiping out the lyrical dimension. In spite of interrupted life, placed on those cases full of ice, to preserve at the utmost their freshness, they still look like dancing in sinuous and perfect scenographies, communicating in a tragic and mute silence their last breath, their helpless cry, their desire for life. Wandering around market stalls

among the people focused to select the type of fish facing the salesman calling attention in the middle of the buzz of the crowd during rush hour, I’ve perceived their cry, their invitation to stop-by and gaze on their gentle beauty as the last tribute to the life. Rumours swirling around all of a sudden muffled, drowned out by that dumb and desperate cry of a resigned ancient silence. All I could do was to get their message forever frozen in those fixed and glassy eyes, in those open mouths in their last recall, in that slinky move stopped forever.”, says Rotelli.

The exhibition is accompanied by the catalogue.

Special thanks goes to the Italian cultural institute in Ljubljana and to the designer of the catalogue Patrizio De Mattio for their help in making the catalogue possible.




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